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LIFETALKS are full of practical answers that help you LIVE LIFE STRONG.These podcast are helping shape culture as they go into communities all over the world.

We want to encourage and help you to win at life! You were made in the image of God the Creator (Genesis 1:26), and God is 100% WINNER. You were born to win and Live Life Strong in the power of your True Identity. One message can change your life forever. We are excited to give you Life Tools right now and start you on the path to your destiny. Let’s go!

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Stephen Marshall

Meet Stephen Marshall

Stephen Marshall is a communicator of God’s goodness, helping people Think strong to Live strong. He is a pastor, prolific author, speaker and award winning songwriter. Stephen’s messages are impacting people and families with keys for living honorable and joy filled.

Stephen and his wife Pam have a focused call to strengthen the roots of Identity for each individual in Christ Jesus. True identity is the foundation God lays for all real blessing, glory, and honor.

Stephen has traveled the world in itinerant ministry, appearing on many TV shows, and countless hours of radio interviews. Stephen recently completed his assignment of eight years as associate and executive pastor at a large church in Lansing, Michigan. In every ministry opportunity, he is motivated by love for people and a desire to see them win at life. Stephen has recently been made the president of the global organization Sunshine Evangelistic Association.

From the marketplace to the battlefield, to the main stage, everyone still finds themselve alone at some point with who they really are. Stephen and Pam are assigned to bring strength and clarity to that individual with TRUTH.

Pam Marshall

Meet Pam Marshall

Pam Marshall is a songwriter, worship leader, and founder of the Born 2 Win women’s network along with Girl Talks show.

She has had five number one songs on the radio, and Stephen and Pam’s worship songs are being sung in churches across the world today.

Someone said, “When Pam sings, I feel like God is hugging me”. Pam’s main goal is to take someone by the hand and lead them into God’s presence where there is 100 percent JOY.

When your love gives you can help take this podcast and other life tools to people of all ages across the world changing one person at a time with the Goodness of God to Live Life Strong! (this is a 501c3 charitable tax deductible outreach)

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